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A list of Makai’s abilities

Therianthropy Shape-Shifting (Better known as Lycanthropy/Werewolf Physiology): Because Makai is a Werewolf, he has the ability to forcibly alter his physical form between that of a human and that of a werewolf at will. This ability is so natural and defined that Makai can partially transform his body without altering the rest of his physical form. Due to Makai’s unique genetic make-up, unlike other werewolves, Makai can transform without the light of the full moon, giving him the same properties of a lycan instead. Also like all werewolves and lycans alike, Makai’s venom-like saliva has the potential to cause humans to transform into werewolves if bitten.

Demonic Physiology: As a werewolf, Makai is a mixblood of humans and demons, thus giving him dormant demonic powers. The main way this power is shown, is through his transformations beyond his human and werewolf forms. Through this ability, Makai’s physical form can alter itself to better suit the changes in his power output, giving him unusual and unique transformations depending upon the amount and what energy he’s tapping into.

Zoolingualism: As a werewolf, Makai has an acute sense of being able to communicate with nearly all animals of many different species. However, the further the species is from his own, the less he’s able to understand and translate.

Supernatural Strength: While not given a definite figure, Makai has a considerable amount of physical strength. While a teenager, his werewolf form could lift a truck from the ground at peek strength and as an adult, he’s grown to the point where he could destroy an entire mountain with a single punch. This enhanced super strength extends all over his body, giving him a heightened level of endurance as well as enhanced reflexes and agility. His physical power is known to have zero limits other than the limits he places upon himself subconsciously, allowing him to become as physically strong as he needs to be in any given situation.

Heightened Senses: As a werewolf, Makai’s five senses are far stronger and far more acute than that of a human’s who’s natural sensitivity grows as his power increases. This sensitivity is the reason for Makai’s natural ability to perceive the world and even react at supernatural speeds.

Chrono-Immortality: As a monster, once Makai’s physical body reaches its peak, physically Makai no longer ages, making him immortal in the aspect of aging or growing older by mortal standards. This ability is shared with many other monsters and nearly all lycans; however the more deluded the blood, instead of ageless immortality, werewolves simply age slower.

Spectral Sight: As a monster, Makai has a heightened sense of awareness of the paranormal, allowing such feats as being able to perceive beings, such as spirits and demons that are normally invisible to the senses of the living and non-believers. It is through this ability that Makai can detect the strength and danger levels of others.

Healing Factor: As a werewolf, Makai’s healing factor is many times stronger than that of a human’s, able to regenerate from nearly any and all forms of injuries as long as his soul still exists. The speed of his healing factor is dependent upon how much energy Makai has left and Makai is nearly immune to all forms of disease. However, unlike others with healing factors Makai is able to still receive cold viruses.

Enhanced Intelligence: While not the level of genius level intellect, Makai is still considered to be highly intelligent, a factor in which he utilizes in battle to overcome more seasoned and experienced fighters, devising countless strategies in the heat of combat. Makai is also able to near instantly learn how to operate many different vehicles and computer systems after only a few moments of tending to each subject. Without his emotions, his processing power is on par with that of a supercomputer, able to analyze and process information at high speeds, even while in mid-combat, capable of creating and calculating over 100 steps in nearly 5 minutes time.

Enhanced Empathy: Due to being a Netheran, Makai constantly feeds on or absorbs the emotions of those around him. This allows Makai to process, understand, interpret and replicate the feelings of those he comes into contact with.

Foreign and Mental Immunity: Because Makai is a Netheran, Makai is immune to all forms of mind invasion and control. With this ability, Makai’s mind cannot be read by an unwanted outside force, controlled or altered and his will cannot be overwritten, altered or overpowered. However, this ability does not extend to things such as TK abilities.

Spatial Manipulation: As a Netheran, Makai can warp, bend, flip, crush, control and otherwise manipulate physical aspects of space within an area of his choosing, including an area and whatever is inside of that area. Makai’s best notion of his ability is his ability to literally transverse between dimensions at will as long as he has a mental understanding of said world. He even possesses the ability to create pseudo or pocket dimensions at will or sustain others. It is through this ability and his enhanced senses that Makai is able to keep up with those with Super Speed. Explained in detail here:…

Nothingness Manipulation: An extension of Spatial Manipulation and one of the most potent and closest forms of Netheran power at its purest. Makai has the ability to literally destroy all manners of material and spiritual reality on command, a power which he’s extremely afraid of using. Unlike destroying the matter of an object which simply converts matter from one form into another, Makai has the ability to literally delete anything within his choosing from all forms of existence, timelines, and dimensions. However due to his fear of this power, Makai rarely taps into this ability. Explained in detail here:…

Illusion Inducement: Through the use of his Third Eye, Makai has the ability to enforce a false form of reality onto a person which causes them to perceive things differently from what they truly are with their 5 senses. However, this ability is very limited as Makai cannot target more than one person at a time and the illusion itself is only as powerful as the victim’s belief of the illusion itself. Unlike other illusion casters, people do not need to make eye contact with Makai in order to the illusion to take effect.

Third Eye: The eye itself on Makai's forehead serves as a gateway into his most dormant Netheran powers and cannot be damaged or closed by other outside powers. Through the use of this eye, Makai can impose his illusions onto others and gains deeper access to his abilities of Nothingness. The eye itself grants him a full spherical 360 vision and simply by seeing an attack or ability with this eye, Makai can deceiver its power, range, control, output, and effect near instantly in great detail.

Gravitational Flight: A late gained ability. Upon gaining control over his Spatial and Nothingness powers, Makai has gained the ability to literally delete gravity’s hold on him, allowing him to control his own gravity and thus gain the ability of flight instinctively.

Divine Force Generation: Being part angel due to being in close proximity to Aerthina and later, Amaterasu for so long, Makai has gained the ability to generate holy energy, which he does typically in the form of energy swords. The strength and durability of the swords created from this power is equal to Makai’s overall willpower; the stronger his will, the more powerful the blades become.

Reality Anchoring: Makai is immune to the rules and laws of nearly all forms of alternate dimensional realities. For example, when traveling to Hell, Hell Fire can’t burn him. When in Heaven, Makai suffers from the effects of gravity despite there not being any and etc. This ability also passes onto any and all those who travel through the usage of Makai’s power.

Anima (Soul) Omnilock: Due to being a Netheran, Makai’s soul exists in a state beyond even omnipotence as all Netherans stem from Akkujjin: the sentience of Nothingness and Absolution. For this reason, unless his soul is devoured or consumed by one also born from the same origin, I.E. a Netheran, Makai himself is virtually immortal for as long as his soul stays intact, his physical body will regenerate, even from nothing. This also makes Makai completely immune to the aspects of time manipulation as well.

Absolution Perfection Potential: While countless attempts have been made to achieve the state of existence Jehovah and Akkujjin held before dividing, Makai is the sole living being, past, present, or future, to have a bonded, stable soul with the combined states of existence of Mortal: Limitless Imagination and Willpower, Demon: Vigor Emotion and Corruption, Holy: Creation and Serenity, and Netheran: Absolution and Nothingness. It is for this power that Makai is hunted down and is constantly challenged and is the reason as to why many desire his power and cooperation. With this state of existence, Makai has the potential to surpass even the two sentience of Existence itself: Jehovah: The personification of idea and creation itself and Akkujjin: The personification of nothingness, and has the power to completely unmake, remake, alter or control all forms of existence in every sense. However, Makai is unable to reach this level of transcendence simply because he lacks the desire and the ability to comprehend what it means to be “Absolute” with his mortal mental state of existence. However if he were able to achieve such a transcendence, nothing would be his equal, nothing would be above him. He would become existence itself.


Acute Senses: Due to Makai’s natural acute senses, these aspects can be used against him; specifically sound and smell. With his high sense of smell, any powerful odor can nearly incapacitate him. With his high sense of hearing, sounds with a very high pitch can often times render Makai completely immobile, a weakness which has been used against him many times.

Emotional Spectrum: Despite being a Netheran, Makai is extremely susceptible to his own emotions which, when he loses control can cause him to act purely on instinct. This has caused Makai to act one too many times without being aware of it and often times leaves him with no memories of said events once he loses control. Self inflicted fear can cause his powers to shut down, rage/anger/hunger can cause Makai to go berserk. Joy can enhance his powers beyond his mental understanding and so on.

Enhanced Empathy: Due to being constantly activated, this uncontrolled power can sometimes work to Makai’s disadvantage as it causes Makai to replicate the powerful, deep-seeded emotions of those around him against his will, especially those who are emotionally or mentally unstable. For this reason, Makai has often times erupted into fits of anger, depression or even joy depending on the person he’s around. In order to nullify this problem, Makai often channels a small portion of his Netheran power to delete certain emotions that would otherwise hinder him.

Soul Damaging: While Makai’s soul itself cannot be manipulated or converted into another type of soul, nor destroyed by any other force other than a Netheran, Makai’s soul is easily susceptible to being damaged by those who reside in and can affect the ethereal plane and it is possible to seal his soul away as well. If his soul is fractured by another, it could take possibly days to years to decades or even centuries until it’s able to repair itself, even causing severe damage to his mentality and memories in the process.

Nothingness Manipulation: While this power serves as one of his greatest abilities, it also serves as Makai’s greatest weakness as well. Because Makai’s power is augmented depending on his state of mind, if subconsciously, Makai strongly desires for his powers not to work; he can literally cause his own abilities to turn on him and even fail. This has often times backfired on Makai and is also the main reason as to why Makai’s powers, despite being nearly omnipotent, are extremely limited.  

Body Mass Density: In order to compensate for Makai’s build up of his raw natural Netheran energy, his body itself increases in density and mass in order to withstand his ever growing power. However, due to this, while Makai himself doesn’t suffer from a speed loss in combat and maintains light-speed like reflexes, his speed itself doesn’t increase with his power output leaving him vulnerable to foes who can move faster than himself.

Reality Anchoring: While Makai is immune to the rules and laws of nearly all forms of alternate dimensional realities, he is also bound to the rules and reality of the material world while his physical form still exists. This means no matter where he is or what world he’s in, he’s still naturally bound to the effects of gravity, the weather, needs to eat, sleep and still needs to breathe oxygen. The more he delves into his Netheran power, the less he’s bound to these rules but they still all apply to him.

Lack of Energy Perception: Makai has a complete inability to naturally utilize energy in nearly all forms and has no ability to perceive it as well. This leaves Makai unable to sense the life force of the living or dead and he is unable to tap into his own energy and manipulate it to various degrees as other creatures can such as performing energy based attacks or achieving flight by using one’s energy to move their bodies. For this reason, Makai heavily relies on his 5 senses and his 3rd eye for combat.

List of Makai’s well known attacks

Vortex Howl: This is Makai's signature and his most powerful and deadly technique as it requires no energy to use; the Vortex Howl. Like its name suggest, its a roar that creates a vacuum-like vortex which, depending upon the pitch its delivered with, can cause someone to either go deaf to being completely disintegrated in its wake making this a very powerful and versatile move. No matter how the attack is used, any other creatures that hears this attack will automatically lose their ability to hear for a set amount of time and those who are caught in the vortex are drawn in and nearly paralyzed in its wake until the attack is completed.

The weakness to this move is that in order to use it, Makai must keep his neck and head perfectly still, meaning he must fire it straight. If he does not, he will blow out his own trachea and destroy his body from the inside-out. This technique is highly dangerous and because of its primary effect of those who hear this attack will lose their sense of hearing and some degree of balance, Makai does not use this move when battling alongside friends or when facing off against someone in a friendly sparring match. Every time Makai has used this attack to kill an enemy, it has never once failed on anyone other than his older brother, Kuru, making this attack Makai’s last resort finisher.

Chaos Oblivion: Makai summons a vast amount of his Netheran Energy that he pours into a single blow onto his opponent which can be fired as a jab, uppercut, or a downward hook. The damage from this attack is so severe that even a grazed misfire can blow away a large mountain.

Final Oblivion: Makai creates a distortion of space-time near the opponent and the resulting lost of space begins to pull them closer towards the distortion. Once close enough, Makai releases the distortion which sends out an eruption of raw dark matter energy in all directions. However the attack itself requires Makai’s full concentration leaving him vulnerable to counterattacks as he cannot move while performing this attack.

Gravity Crusher: Makai summons a micro-black hole within the palm of his hand which he forces against his opponent at point-blank range or can be thrown from a distance as a surprise attack. The first part of the attack enacts an explosion, releasing a small amount of force in all directions. After this force is exerted, the attack creates an implosion, drawing in and crushing all forms of matter, energy, and light within close proximity. In order to avoid this attack’s implosion effect, Makai’s weight and density increases subconsciously and he subconsciously deletes and destroys the gravitational pull of his attack onto himself and those around him of his choosing.

Space Gravity Crusher: Makai starts by creating countless portals that surround his opponent which are all connected to one he generates close to himself. Then, Makai creates a black hole which he forces through the portal close to him, which divides and exits through the portals surrounding his opponent. Due to being split apart through multiple space-time portals, the black holes become increasingly unstable and erupt with a much greater force than a singular one, which can devastate his enemy. Like the Final Oblivion, the attack itself requires Makai’s full concentration to keep his own attack from destroying the planet, thus leaving him vulnerable to counterattacks as he cannot move while performing this attack.

Nephilim Rain: Makai’s only named angelic attack. He begins by raising his hand before he splits the sky and conjures forth a stream of falling holy energy blades that rains down from the clouds. Despite the swords possessing a great amount of power, falling at impossible speeds and having an incredibly wide range, the attack itself is not aimed or controlled by Makai himself.

Event Horizon: Makai’s strongest attack, next to the Vortex Howl and a move Makai can only use in this Theos Form as it involves Makai tapping into the 4 states of existence at once. When performing this move, Makai summons all his power and delivers a blow to his enemy, causing dimensional fractures to appear over their bodies. Upon striking with a second blow, the person’s mind, body and soul are instantly shattered and scattered. If a second strike isn’t delivered quickly, the resulting fissures from the first attack slowly vanish. After performing this attack, Makai’s soul becomes unstable, leaving him open and severely vulnerable to attacks until his soul restabilizes itself.
A List of Makai's Attributes
Something I did out of boredom and figured, why the hell not? xD I can't really explain it completely but bottom line is this, yes he does sound OP. Its kinda the point as he alone has the power to unmake all of creation itself, or release the force capable of the same feat. But here's also the grounding idea, he's NOT the strongest character in his world, at least while he subconsciously handicaps himself. Amaterasu, Kuru; his brother, the Archangels Michael, Metatron, and Lucifer, some mortals like Rio, SF, his best friend Mary, and many other characters are all equal to his power or even greater. Some of these characters he's never beaten alone, others, never at all. So if you think he's overpowered, you don't want to meet his enemies, by all rights they would be considered Gods by comparison and the only reason why Makai managed to win, draw or even survive such fights is because of his strategic mind and limitless power, ability and drive to win.

XD But if there are questions, feel free to ask. I do expect hate or being told how overpowered he is and a friend of mine told me posting such a thing is a bad idea but, like I said, why the hell not?
Theos Sample by Rudolphtheehcidna
Theos Sample
In honor of my new/old laptop to replace my old old one, which means I can finally start writing and spriting again instead of using my phone to check up on this site, I'm uploading this just for kicks. The final, front and back, version of Theos Makai, Makai's final form before his Ascension in all his glory with his nice intangible halo, his near-all seeing third eye, long as tail with his dark gold on red eyes.
Makai's Upgrade by Rudolphtheehcidna
Makai's Upgrade
Wanted to give an example of what I've been working on for the past few weeks, when I had free time by the way as its hard for me to nowadays working so much and trying to save up for my own place. Anyways trying to make my final version of Makai and I'm pretty much gonna stick with it from here on out. Moreover, I have like 7 other sheets just like this of the same size and just as full or picking him apart and reediting just about everything which is pretty hard when you only get 1-2 hours a day at best. I'll probably delete this page once I'm finish but, eh.


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Whelp everyone, this is it, the long 10+ year story has finally come to an end after years of build up, crazy plot twists and constant fan arguments everything has finally come to a close. Honestly, I can't really say I'm sad about it. Its not like Avatar the Last Airbender where I felt at piece with the conclusion nor like Gash Bell where I totally wanted to see more but rather the story felt like an old relative that passed away. You know, someone as a child you idolized, as you got older you loved but found going over their homes and spending whole days with them to be tedious and then once they finally passed, you felt sad because you lost someone important but glad said person is no longer suffering and honestly, that's how I feel about Naruto as a whole. It started off great and was very enriching. Got more interesting in the second series and then just started dragging on for far too long, constantly repeating the theme "No I'M the true villain of the series" over and over again to the point where it didn't really have an impact ya know?

But let's not gripe because if I do start, I could go on for literally hours. Good thing is, the shipping wars can finally end as like with all series that is born from japan, no relationship ever becomes canon until the series itself finally ends and Sakura got Sasuke, Hinata got Naruto and everyone got a happy, wonderful fairytail ending. We even got to see the kids of the next generation. Funny thing is about that subject, I noticed a lot of people complain that the children themselves weren't all that creative in design, looking exactly like their parents when their parents were kids. But for me, its right up my alley and besides, in reality, often times unless the parents themselves are extremely different from each other, their child will end up looking just like their parents. If not, you might want to start questioning the commitment mommy shares with your daddy but I digress. I am however a little concern as I feel Kishimoto stole an idea from me, (See… and you'll know what I'm talking about, even though its mostly a joke) 

But all in all, the series ending was very safe, camp and extremely joyful for all. After Sasuke's bi-polar nonsense, he gets nothing more than a slap on the wrists for his crimes, Sakura's childish devotion for a schizophrenic murder finally paid off in the end, Kakashi becomes Hokage for all of 1 movie and 2 short chapters that we don't even get to see really, all the major desired couples finally happened, and of course, Naruto finally obtains his dream. The ending has many loose ends however and I highly doubt such questions will ever be answered such as, what happened to the Tailed Beasts? What happened to Orochimaru and his lackies? Why didn't Sakura become a doctor instead of a stay-at-home mom? Who runs the Hyuga clan now? If the world is at peace, why are kids still being trained in the art of the Shinobi? Why did 
Kaguya become "evil" in the first place? And the biggest question, what the hell is up with Naruto's hair cut? Oh well, at the end of the day, like I said before this was a good story that kinda began to stagnate when plot twists were introduced left and right but still, it will be nice when one day after all the anime episodes are released to go n youtube and rewatch all of my favorite fights and download them for personal use.

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