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Amaterasu's Armory by Rudolphtheehcidna
Amaterasu's Armory

(Remember, I’m in no way promoting or trying to enforce any form of religion with these creations. I just like using ideas from religious beliefs because, why not? I respect all forms of real religions but still, doesn’t mean I can’t use their ideas)


Rising Sun Halo: Not a weapon in any way but rather this is the Halo that appears when Amaterasu taps into her full power as an Angel. While Angel Halo’s themselves aren’t given names, she named her own halo after the title of her love interest, Helel “The Morning Star” or “Son of the Morning” who is now known as Lucifer Satan, The Fallen. Its detailed and intricate design is a symbol of Amaterasu’s great power and personal growth over the countless years and its design also reflects the image of the sun, the object in the world she considered the most beautiful and her past love for Helel.

Celestial Brush: Also known as the Creation Imitator; Amaterasu’s personal weapon forged from her desire to mimic God’s power of creation to create peace on Earth. Using this weapon she can literally draw, create and control many different elements and powers that govern and form creation itself although she can use her tail to preform the same feats. However, as she is only a lesser Angelic Being, her powers are considered pale imitations when compared to God. The brush itself is nearly indestructible and can be used in close-quarters combat as a staff.

Tsukuyomi: Also known as the Illusions of the Heaven, is a mortal weapon infused with divine power. The Tsukuyomi has the ability to block and reflect back nearly any attack received with an added bonus of increased power mixed with Divine Flames. This divine shield has the power to increase and decrease in size and shape depending on the power of the attack received and is designed to be used defensively but can be used for offensive if used correctly.

Susanoo: Also known as the Souls of the Earth, these rosaries were forged by humans and are empowered by the prayers and beliefs of the devote. The rosaries of this weapon are connected strictly by pure holy energy and can extend to limitless lengths that can be controlled mentally by Amaterasu (And Makai by extension) and have the ability to naturally channel both the water and ice element at will.

Kusanagi: Also known as God’s Slayer is a powerful sword taken from a defeated Samael, the Fallen Angel of Death, by Amaterasu to prove her worth to her lord to obtain a Divinity Status. After she received the blade, Kusanagi was infused with Amaterasu's pure holy power, causing it to change shape until it resembled the sun itself, leaving it capable of penetrating any and all dark, demon and demonic entities that stood in its path and has the ability to call down Divine Lightning from the sky at any given moment. 

Rage of the Brush Goddess by Rudolphtheehcidna
Rage of the Brush Goddess
One of the few times Amaterasu is willing to show her anger is when Makai's soul is at stake of being taken away by someone else. Since Makai sold his soul to the woman for her forgiveness, she herself has staked great claim over it and will attack and kill anyone, with or without Makai's consent, who attempts to steal what belongs to her.

Moments like these is when Amaterasu showcases her true power and instead of using her Three Treasures, items forged by the devote and powered by divinity, she uses a weapon of her own creation, the Celestial Brush, a divine instrument which serves as her medium for channeling her 13 Brush Techniques (although she can also use her tail as well). While Amaterasu can use and control these many different abilities using her weapon, since they are mere imitations of God's true power in which she is copying, these abilities are not without their limits but still allow her to fight on par with timeless creatures such as Kuru (As shown here)


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I know this game came out a while ago but damnit I want to talk about it so here goes. Lately, I've been getting pretty stressed out, working two jobs, most of my friends with kids so I got no friends to talk to, no girlfriend cuz well most women aren't into narcissistic, big black men and this stress has pretty much shut off my creativity valve for the moment. In order to levitate this stress I did what I always did, I bought a new videogame and the game I bought was Bravely Default because I heard nothing but good things about it.

And for the most part, this game is seriously good. If you're like me and you're not used to micromanaging and typically avoid games with such aspects, don't let this one fool you. The game's mechanics isn't as intimidating as it sounds and is very easy to get into once you get the ball rolling. The fighting is smooth, the characters are pretty one-noted but still enjoyable, especially Ringabel for me because he was the only character that couldn't be described with a sandwich board altho I hated Airy right off the bat because of how annoying she is. In terms of story, its good. I love any game that takes time to explain, set up and expose the player to its world building aspects, games like the Tales' Series, Gravity Rush, Asura's Wrath and the Elder Scrolls series are great examples of this subject. All in all, the story moves by at a very good even pace that keeps you wanting to play it over and over again and don't get me started on the soundtrack. The small speakers of the DS don't do it justice at all.

The purpose of the story starts five main characters. Tiz, the naive farmboy who lost his little brother and due to his anguish, has attached himself to the main female character; Anges. Anges is a very boring character over all, completely naive and absolutely reserved in every sense of the world, being nothing but a whiny little scared crybaby who doesn't seem to learn from her mistakes. Then you got Ringabel who is a total ham. He's a guy who's lost his memory and is a total pervert and lady's man, trying to hook up with every female he can find, is full of good advice and loves to make light of dire situations but is still mysterious enough to know he has a bigger purpose in the grand-scheme of things in the game. And finally we got Edea who is a total spoiled brat, typical tsundere that's guided strictly by her emotions which are grounded in morals of strictly "Right and Wrong" or as she calls it "White and Black" but is still earnest enough to make the average person like her in her pursuit of justice. And finally, the fairy; Airy who is a total brat, talks too much, completely single-minded and absolutely selfish and annoying, especially her little fairy voice. I just wanted to reach into the game and strangle that little creature and if I was a character in this game, I would have probably killed her myself. Don't piss off Makai folks.

Anyways, the story follows these characters as their goals are to release four Crystals that govern the elements of the world to stop whatever darkness is spreading over the world that oddly enough, you never actually see. All the while while you're doing this, you're taking on an army from a foreign land that is controlled and ruled by Edea's father, adding another boost to her character because she's at least going through something meaningful. And I like this, each major boss was different, used different tactics and abilities and unless you googled the boss, they challenged you and when you won, you got a new awesome ability that you could personally use which made the side missions all the more fun. Plus like I said before, with the main story moving along at a pretty good pace, you felt invested enough in the story itself to keep playing until the very end. Not to mention, there's a flying fucking ship big enough to fit an entire city on it. Its like giving Noah's Arc a freakin JETPACK and had me squealing like a little school girl at how awesome it was. It was like I was Nick Fury in Avengers and captain of my own Helicarrier Kinda pissed me off that I had to pay to sleep in my own airship of course but, whatever. Another good thing about this game is, while it keeps the typical JRPG design of random encounters and turn-based combat, you can, get this, turn off the random encounters =D How awesome is that? That means you can grind when you want and then just get on with the story when you're ready. Why hasn't other games like Pokemon ever thought of this? Its freaking genius~!

Now here comes the bad part, without wishing to spoil anything, SPOILER WARNING!!

About 5 chapters into the game or halfway through, you've awakened all the crystals and tried to repair the world itself. But instead of ending the game, Bravely Default throws out the "Many Worlds Theory" where the characters are thrown at you where the characters are tossed into a parallel world instead of fixing the one they were in. Ok, I can dig it, I mean I'm no stranger to such a concept and I don't mind such a idea if its done right. However it isn't, in fact, the story gets worse from here on out. See up to this point there was a plot: Four Heroes band together to awaken Four Crystals to save the world. During this time, each characters goes through their own personal struggles I.E. Tiz dealing with the death of his family, Agnes shedding herself of her fear of saving the world and living up to the task, Ringabel's desire to regain his memories or learn to live without them and Edea's conflict with her father and her little Kingdom that once respected and looked up to her. The world building was incredible and everything felt like it had weight to it. However, once chapter 5 begins, it all goes down hill. The game at this point starts to get bored with itself and runs out of ideas and instead of ending right there, the game tasks you to repeat awakening the same Four Crystals, fight the same Four Mini-Bosses that guard the Crystals a total of 5 times each, rounding the game up to repeating the same fuck-about task 30 TIMES. Unless you've played the game, you have absolutely no idea how annoying this gets. Tedious is far too kind of a word for something like this. I have no idea what to call it but at this point, I've started to hate this game, not with a passion but I'm so done with this shit.

I honestly think the worst part of this game is, is that by chapter 5, you'e pretty much figured out that the fairy, Airy is actually the main villain of the story, which I totally dig because I love the idea of being a character who's tricked by the badguy to do evil acts without realizing it and you're forced to correct your mistakes. Its something that's rarely ever done in videogames. However, after figuring out that Airy is the true villain of the story and even after the game literally bold facedly tells you outright that Airy is evil, the characters still follow every order she gives you. WHAT THE FUCK!? Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me?! That's like you being tricked by someone into killing your mother and father without realizing it and after being told the truth with proof, you still do it anyways and then try to blame the badguy before repeating the process over and over and over and over again. Honestly, I've never met a group of characters I hated so much since I played Tales of the Abyss. I just don't understand it nor can I understand how Square Enix thought this was good game design. From what I can see, the game is trying to put you in a state of grief, trying to get you to relate to the characters by forcing you to relive limbo over and over again until you're filled with depression. But that's just it, no normal person would respond this way. If you were told that in order to save the world you have to follow a strict process and you do so down to the letter, only for it to not work, I think the first time, you would be concerned, the second time you would be skeptical and by the third time or repeating yourself, you would start to do something differently, right? You wouldn't just blindly follow the same path over and over again without thinking of doing something different and even if you did, you wouldn't talk about it like its no big deal. You would be pissed, annoyed, frustrated, tired, depressed. But instead the game just literally recycles the same exact scenes 30 times in a row with no change in dialog or voice tone. This game and their characters at the true definition of "Insanity" Now, there's two endings to this, a "True Ending" and a "Common Sense Ending". Why the ending using common sense isn't the true ending is beyond me but basically, to get the true ending, you have to keep following Airy, the main villain over and over again despite knowing full well that she's EVIL and the Common Sense ending is basically you disobeying her, killing her, and then returning to your worlds where you belong. Makes no sense right? Square Enix, haven't seen this bad story writing since a Resident Evil game. I'm 100 hours in and on chapter 8 right now and I read that this is the last and final chapter but I'm so exhausted from fighting the same bosses and taping "X" so many times and blissfully listening to the badguy over and over and over and over again that I had to literally put the game down at this point. I could go on and on about the many bad choices this game makes but I just don't have the willpower to keep talking about it... Damnit. 

End of Spoilers

Honestly, I think what sorta ruined this game for me was because of 2 things. 1: The people who told me it was good, never beat the game so I never got a head's up about the second half of the game. And 2: Because the first half of the game was so good and fun and enjoyable, the second half just straight up ruins the rest of the game itself. I don't like it. Don't get me wrong, by no stretch is Bravely Default a bad game but I can't say its great. If you're a fan of story and plot, this game will serve such purposes until about midway through of the game. After that point, you'll see how annoying this game can get. All but one single character are pretty boring and fit the same character design as every other Final Fantasy game that has ever existed. The gameplay itself is fun as hell esepically since you can actually control the random encounters and with so many different character abilities or "Jobs" as the game calls them, it never feels boring and there are so many different ways to experiment until you find the combination of your liking. All in all, I give this game a 6.5 out of 10. Its a good game but far too repetitive after the world building is done. Oh well, this game had so much potential. I just hope the sequel doesn't make the same mistakes this one did.

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